A new waste management company – BIN-GO – has partnered with Tonga Netball in funding a KIDS NET program here in Tonga.
The waste solution company has just started in Tonga but they have jumped straight into working with the community – this time through netball.

Young netballers participate in the KIDS NET program in Nuku’alofa. Photo: TONGA NETBALL

BIN-GO director Tomasi Taulahi said they were honoured to be able to help netball.
“I support kids and women sport in Tonga will like to do more in the future,” Tomasi said.
“Kids is the future of the kingdom they don’t get much support from corporate companies and government only waiting on aid money, which is sad to see this happening in our Kingdom.
“We don’t look to benefit financially. It is something I want to do from my heart as father of two beautiful girls and lovely wife.
“My mother was netball player for Tonga (Fusi Taulahi) in the 80’s and represented Tonga in other sports for 16 years.”
Tonga Netball Development Officer Lavinia Vave said they were grateful to the company for their support, especially in helping develop the sport among young children.
“We are currently running KIDS NET program for the kids. This is for girls at the age group of 6 – 10 years. Our aim is to train young girls of Tonga the basic skills of netball and it is open for public to register their kids to,” Lavinia said.
This program was initiated by Netball Australia a few years ago.
It was stalled for a while because of the lack of funding to keep it going.
That’s where BIN-GO has come in.
“So we have decided to to continue with this program as part of the training we offer. This has been possible by the kind assistance of the BIN-GO (waste solutions) company to run for a period of 3 months,” she said.
“We are truly grateful of their support.”
Registration has now closed until the next phase of Kids Net towards the end of this year.
The event is held every week at the BSP Netball Court next to the BSP Bank in central Nuku’alofa.

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